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How to Install Arsenic Kernel R7 on OnePlus X E1005 [Simple Steps]

According to XDA Member CheckYourScreen, Arsenic Kernel R7 is released for OnePlus X E1005. The splendidness of Arsenic Kernel R7 can now be experienced on OnePlus X (E1005, E1003). It brings many features including Adreno idler on E1005. You can experience all these features after installing Arsenic Kernel R7 on E1005 [Onyx]. You can also enjoy some other outstanding features on E1005 after installing Arsenic Kernel R7. Androidbiits.com has recently posted the step-by-step tutorial for installing AICP v11.0 ROM on Nextbit Robin. The splendid news is that OnePlus X E1005 owners can now install Arsenic Kernel R7 on E1005. Isn’t it splendid? Androidbiits.com will post the steps to install Arsenic Kernel R7 on OnePlus X E1005. Continue reading