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How to Update BLU R1 HD R0030UU to Android 8.0 Oreo LineageOS 15 Unofficial ROM [Simple Steps]

Developer RomClaims has released Oreo 8.0 Lineage 15.0 Unofficial ROM for BLU R1 HD R0030UU (MT6735 64-bit device). The tremendousness of Oreo 8.0 Lineage 15.0 can now be enjoyed on BLU R1 HD R0030UU (prime). Androidbiits.com has recently published the step-by-step tutorial for installing Oreo 8.0.0_r11 AOSP ROM on OnePlus X E1005. The tremendous news is that BLU R1 HD R0030UU (prime) owners can now install Oreo 8.0 Lineage 15.0 ROM on R0030UU. Isn’t it tremendous? Androidbiits.com will publish the appropriate steps to install Android 8.0 Oreo Lineage 15 unofficial ROM on BLU R1 HD R0030UU (prime). The most crucial thing is that Oreo LineageOS 15 is an experimental build, so you may face many issues on R0030UU after installing it. Continue reading

How to Root BLU R1 HD R0030UU (Prime) Easily [Simple Steps]

Today, Androidbiits.com will share an outstanding news with BLU R1 HD R0030UU (Prime) owners. XDA Member bibikalka has found a method to root R1 HD R0030UU (Prime) using TWRP and SuperSU v2.76. Are you wondering how to root R1 HD R0030UU (Prime)? Don’t worry, Androidbiits.com is here to help you in rooting R1 HD R0030UU (Prime). Previously, I have published the simple instructions for rooting LG G4 Stylus H540. Now, Androidbiits.com will discuss about the step-by-step tutorial to root R1 HD R0030UU (Prime). Isn’t it thrilling? You should note that I’ll take the help of TWRP and SuperSU v2.76 for rooting R1 HD R0030UU (Prime). Androidbiits.com will publish the step-by-step instructions using which you can root BLU R1 HD R0030UU (Prime). Continue reading