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How to Update Xiaomi Mi Max Pro (helium) to Android 8.0 Oreo LineageOS 15 Unofficial ROM [Simple Steps]

Developer dungphp has released Oreo 8.0 LineageOS 15.0 Unofficial ROM for Mi Max Pro (Helium). The tremendousness of Oreo Lineage v15.0 can now be enjoyed on Max Pro (Helium). Androidbiits.com has recently published the step-by-step tutorial for installing Oreo 8.0 Lineage 15 (hydrogen) ROM on Xiaomi Mi Max. The tremendous news is that Max Pro (Helium) owners can now install Oreo 8.0 LineageOS v15.0 ROM on Helium. Isn’t it tremendous? Androidbiits.com will publish the appropriate steps to install Android 8.0 Oreo LineageOS v15.0 ROM on Xiaomi Mi Max Pro (Helium). The most crucial thing is that Oreo LineageOS v15.0 is an experimental build, so you may face many issues on helium after installing it. Continue reading