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How to Hard Reset Blackview A85 Easily [Simple Steps]

Androidbiits.com will help you in performing a hard reset on Blackview A85 ICNL9916. It comes with exquisite design, matte finish, high dynamic range support, oil resistant body, glass back cover, 8GB Random access memory and ultra narrow bezels. If you are facing any issue on your device, then you can use some simple steps to perform a hard reset. It will allow you to remove pattern lock and screen lock on Blackview A85 ICNL9916. Sometimes you might have forgotten the lock screen password of your device. You might have faced difficulty in using your Blackview A85 ICNL9916. If your device is not responding, then hard reset is a good solution. Androidbiits.com will publish the step-by-step instructions using which you can perform a hard reset on Blackview A85. Previously, I have published the simple instructions for performing a hard reset on Archos X67. Now, I will discuss about the step-by-step tutorial to perform a hard reset on Blackview A85. Continue reading