How to Root Verizon LG G2 VS980 [Tutorial]

Are you planning to root Verizon LG G2 VS980? Androidbiits will help you to root Verizon LG G2 VS980. If you are a die-hard fan of LG G2 VS980, then you will be happy to know that you can easily root VS980. I will take the help of ioroot25 for this process. Previously, I have posted the step-by-step instruction for rooting AT&T LG G2 D800. Now Androidbiits will write the instruction using which you can root Verizon LG G2 VS980. I am a big fan of VS980. One thing I love about Verizon VS980 is its 5.2 inch display. Verizon LG G2 VS980 has managed to attract many U.S people. The popularity of VS980 is increasing gradually in the United States of America. I hope Verizon VS980 will attract many more people in the future.

I am hoping that you will be able to root your Verizon LG G2 VS980 effortlessly without facing any problem after reading the step-by-step instruction posted in Verizon LG G2 VS980 will lose its warranty after being rooted with ioroot25. Dear VS980 owner, the factory restrictions of Verizon LG G2 VS980 will also be removed after being rooted with ioroot25. recommends that Verizon LG G2 VS980 users must save their data in a safe place before rooting VS980 as there is a chance of losing all data from G2 VS980. Oh yes, I forgot to say that this rooting process will allow Verizon LG G2 VS980 owners to install several Custom ROMs on VS980. It will also allow VS980 owners to take the advantage of other benefits on their VS980.

Below are the step-by-step tutorial for rooting Verizon LG G2 VS980. Well, will not take any responsibility if VS980 got broken while being rooted with ioroot25. VS980 battery level must be above 64% before following these rooting steps.

How to Root Verizon LG G2 VS980 [Tutorial]

1. First you have to download ioroot25 for Verizon LG G2 VS980 on your PC.

2. Now you need to extract the ZIP file of ioroot25 downloaded in STEP 1.

3. Go to the settings of Verizon LG G2 VS980 and activate USB debugging.

4. Now you have to attach your Verizon LG G2 VS980 with your PC via USB cable.

5. After extracting the ZIP file of ioroot25, you have to click on “root.bat” file.

6. After clicking the “root.bat” file on PC, you have to follow the on-screen instructions carefully.

7. After following the onscreen instructions carefully, you need to press the “ENTER” button on your computer to start Verizon LG G2 VS980 rooting process.

8. You have to reboot your Verizon LG G2 VS980 after completion of the rooting process.

9.You have to download SuperSU for Verizon LG G2 VS980 from Play Store.

10. SuperSU will allow VS980 owners to manage root access on VS980.

Dear Verizon LG G2 VS980 user, you have successfully rooted your VS980 using ioroot25. Now you can enjoy AOSP or CM12 Custom ROM on Verizon VS980. If you are facing any issue while rooting VS980 with ioroot25, then you may share your issue with

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