OpenAI is letting you Enjoy ChatGPT without an Account

Do you love to use ChatGPT? The popularity of ChatGPT is growing day by day. As we know it requires users to create an account before using it. Some people are afraid of creating an account in ChatGPT due to privacy concerns. Some people want to use it instantly without creating an account. Are you afraid of creating an account in ChatGPT? The good news is that now you can use it without creating an account. OpenAI has removed the requirement of creating an account. According to OpenAI blog, ChatGPT can be used by everyone without an account. Now you don’t need to worry about your privacy. Some bad people may use this feature for malicious purposes. In order to prevent bad people from misusing this feature, OpenAI has also added some content strict rules.

You should note that this feature is not available for everyone at the preset moment. You may have to wait few more days to enjoy this feature. ChatGPT may use the data provided by users for improvements. It can be turned off in settings. So you don’t need to worry about it. Simply visit Settings to turn off this option. If you don’t create an account, then you will not be able to share your chats with your friends. You will also not be able to keep a log of all your chats. If you want to use these features, then you have to create an account. ChatGPT is very popular among people. It is used by over 100 million people every week. It shows the popularity of ChatGPT. It helps users in learning new things. You can ask any question. It will provide you accurate answer instantly. It is really an outstanding invention. For those who don’t know, the full form of ChatGPT is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.

If you are using an iPhone, then you can install ChatGPT app from App Store. The iOS version of ChatGPT was launched in May 2023. If you are using Android device, then you can install ChatGPT app from Play Store. The Android version of ChatGPT was launched in July 2023. The most important thing is that this app is available worldwide. I have recently published the steps to enter fastboot Mode on Blackview Shark 8. For those who don’t know, OpenAI is an AI research company situated in San Francisco. Sam Altman is the CEO of this company. This company has also launched ChatGPT Plus in 2023. It is another interesting service. You have to pay $20 per month to use this service.

OpenAI is the proud developer of this outstanding invention. Currently, it is available in five versions such as GPT v1, GPT v2, GPT v3, GPT v3.5 and GPT v4.0. You can use GPT 3.5 for free of cost. You have to pay some money to use GPT v4.0. You can also use the paid version of GPT 3.5. You may be able to enjoy some addition features in paid version. OpenAI has launched this tool in November 2018. Python is used to develop this tool. GPT v1 was launched in 2018. GPT v2 was launched in 2019. GPT v3 was launched in 2020. GPT v3.5 was launched in 2022. GPT v4 was launched in 2023. [Source]

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