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iPhone 6 Plus is now “Obsolete” and iPad Mini 4 is now “Vintage”

Are you using iPhone 6 Plus in 2024? Now you can’t repair your iPhone 6 Plus in Apple Authorized service providers. You have to buy a new iOS device because iPhone 6 Plus is now “Obsolete”. The Cupertino company has added iPhone 6 plus to its obsolete products list. Apple launched iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014. This iOS device is now 10 years old. The Cupertino company stopped selling iPhone 6 Plus in September 2016. As it has completed 7 years, so it is considered as “Obsolete”. If an iOS device considered as “Obsolete”, then it will not receive any hardware service from Apple Authorized service providers. iPhone 6 Plus received iOS 13 software update in 2019. Continue reading

Discord to Start Displaying Ads to Increase Revenue

Are you a big fan of Discord? If you love to use Discord, then you will be able to see some ads after a few days. This company is going to display ads within a few days to increase revenue. For those who don’t know, Discord is one of the most popular social platforms in the world. It is very popular among gamers. You can use it to make voice calls and videos calls. You can also use it to transfer files with your friends. Discord not only allows you to make calls but also allows you to send text messages. According to the Wall Street Journal, Discord will start displaying ads for games. You may be able to see ads within a few weeks. It may affect the user satisfaction. Continue reading

OpenAI is letting you Enjoy ChatGPT without an Account

Do you love to use ChatGPT? The popularity of ChatGPT is growing day by day. As we know it requires users to create an account before using it. Some people are afraid of creating an account in ChatGPT due to privacy concerns. Some people want to use it instantly without creating an account. Are you afraid of creating an account in ChatGPT? The good news is that now you can use it without creating an account. OpenAI has removed the requirement of creating an account. According to OpenAI blog, ChatGPT can be used by everyone without an account. Now you don’t need to worry about your privacy. Some bad people may use this feature for malicious purposes. In order to prevent bad people from misusing this feature, OpenAI has also added some content strict rules. Continue reading