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iPhone 6 Plus is now “Obsolete” and iPad Mini 4 is now “Vintage”

Are you using iPhone 6 Plus in 2024? Now you can’t repair your iPhone 6 Plus in Apple Authorized service providers. You have to buy a new iOS device because iPhone 6 Plus is now “Obsolete”. The Cupertino company has added iPhone 6 plus to its obsolete products list. Apple launched iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014. This iOS device is now 10 years old. The Cupertino company stopped selling iPhone 6 Plus in September 2016. As it has completed 7 years, so it is considered as “Obsolete”. If an iOS device considered as “Obsolete”, then it will not receive any hardware service from Apple Authorized service providers. iPhone 6 Plus received iOS 13 software update in 2019. Continue reading